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  • Gourmet Whipped Honey from AZ Queen Bee
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AZ Queen Bee

Gourmet Whipped Honey

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Our gourmet whipped honey is a delicious treat. It's created using trade secrets to blend the ingredients then stored at a precise temperature for several weeks to create the perfect texture. We recommend using as you would jellies or jams. 

Whipped honey and high temperatures!
Please be advised, if the whipped honey temperature rises too much it can lose its special texture. During the summer months, we ship the whipped honey with cooling packs and time our delivery drop-offs to avoid letting the packages sit in the hot sun. However, if your package arrives and the honey is not at the ideal texture, please try refrigerating it for 24 hours.


Not sure which flavor to try? Jaime Cerreta from local Channel 3 says the Whipped Strawberry (currently out of stock) is her favorite! Click here to watch our segment.